dark-2024127_960_720Many people have set out to write accounts about the events that have been fulfilled among us. Luke 1:1 NLT

Today in our Sunday school class we read Luke chapter 1.
The story always touches my heart and at times brings tears to my eyes. The story is told through the eyes of Luke, and it is always so real it is as if I am there, seeing what Luke sees.
Not just reading a record of the events but a spectator. Observing characters going about their everyday lives unaware of the events that are about to take place and their response to events that will change the world and their lives forever.
The incredulous answer from Zechariah “How can I be sure?”, after being promised the son he has longed for by the angel Gabriel.
I mean seriously did he talk to angels everyday? Did he see nothing unusual about someone appearing in the holy of holies an offense that would bring instant death for anyone but the priest?
Elizabeth’s quiet acceptance of the gift of a child she had wanted for so long,
“the Lord has done this for me, He has shown me His favor and taken away my disgrace.”
Mary’s simplistic obedience to the news she would give birth to a son who would not be her husbands,
“I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said.”
God does not always give us advance warning when He is about to do extraordinary things.
And even when He reveals His plan He often does not reveal the day or time.
God shows up in history in His time, unannounced.
I believe God has great delight in choosing those others would judge as not worthy to accomplish his purposes.
A culturally insignificant young woman engaged to be married going about her everyday life.
A priest, a descendant of Aaron of the tribe of Levi going about his duties in the temple. A member of the very religious order that would bring about cruelty and eventually death to His Son.
A barren older woman who most likely in spite of and probably even more because of her husband’s standing in the community, would have been subject to ridicule and gossip because she could not fulfill the duty of bearing children
Three very different people.
Three different paths in life.
All with a divine appointment that would change them forever.

Today over 2000 years removed from the the birth of our Savior and his prophet John, I hope we have not lost our sense of wonder and awe of how this all came to be. If we have we have truly lost the reason for celebrating this season.
We may never witness extraordinary events like the ones that Zechariah Elizabeth and Mary were a part of.
But we are witnesses to their story.
A story that still gives hope in a hopeless world. And in many ways their story is our story.
The doubt we all feel when we see God’s promises and say,
“How can I be sure He would do that for me?”
The longing for what we have been denied.
The weight that comes from being willing to take the path that will bring resistance and sorrow.
While we may be unaware of what God’s plan is for our lives it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. In His time it will be revealed. And while it may find us unaware it should not find us unwilling.
May it be when the time comes for that plan to be revealed we will have the courage to persevere even in our doubts, accept what we do not understand, and like Mary in obedience whatever the cost might be say, “I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said.”


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