The Last Monday in May


I debated as to whether I should post today for several reasons. One being I wanted to say something meaningful. Those who sacrificed their lives, their youth, their emotional and mental well-being deserve only the best even if it’s just a comment from someone who is basically unknown to the world.

The second reason is I have dealt with comments in the past from those who question the motive and the results of the conflicts we as a nation have been involved in almost since the beginning. I just didn’t want to have that debate.

But then I realized something that supersedes whatever humble comments I could make or the arguments of those who question. And it is simply this.

Those who gave their lives, who were wounded with wounds that never completely heal, regardless of the justification or how it might be viewed by those who never served, were willing to go.

They were willing to leave the comforts of home, to leave family, loved ones, friends to go to some godforsaken place, knowing full well it might cost their life. That willingness deserves my respect and they deserve honor.

I read a quote today by Franklin Roosevelt who served as president during the darkest and costliest in terms of human lives, times and wars our nation and the world has ever known. He said,

“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time those who have died to win them.”

So true. So today I want to remember those who sacrificed, that gave all they had to give. I don’t to want forget. I hope you won’t.

Thank you.

A grateful American.


One thought on “The Last Monday in May

  1. A sacrifice for others-
    in the spirit of giving expecting little in return.
    Selflessness pretty rare in these present days
    Yet, seen often in true followers, true believers of the One
    Who gave more than we can understand
    for each of us. “No greater love then the One who lays down his life for his friends.”
    Thank you brother

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