I Am Guilty


What did I bring
To your salvation table?
I had
no righteousness to offer,
no strength to give,
no wisdom to present.
There was
that I could deliver
that would commend me
to You.
I crawled broken
to your table,
weighed down and crippled by
my sin,
my guilt,
my weakness,
my foolishness,
my pride,
my shame.
I had no right to be with you,
but you picked me up
and placed me there.
You fed me the life giving nutrients
of grace
with your nail scarred hands.
And I haven’t left your
table of mercy since.

“What then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?”
Romans 8:31

From New Morning Mercies

by Paul David Tripp




If I told you my story…

if i told you my story

If I told you my story…..
You would hear hope that wouldn’t let go
If I told you my story
You would hear love that never gave up
If I told you my story
You would hear life but it wasn’t mine

As I listened to this song by Big Daddy Weave I thought about how the good parts of my story that have been so much about Him. And so little about me.

About how His grace was  greater,

About how I received justice and mercy when I deserved judgement and vengeance.

About how He took a life that was so ugly and selfish and gave it beauty and meaning and worth

About how He died for me when I was still His enemy.

If I told you my story it would be about His love that never gave up, even when I turned away.

I attended a Mens Encounter this weekend with over 500 men in attendance. I saw His story, rewriting their lives. Men who were bound by sin and religion, trapped by addiction and pride, wrapped up in hopelessness and shame. I watched as they received

grace greater than sin

justice served and now mercy wins

kindness of Jesus that draws them in.

When they tell their stories they will tell of Him.

Stories that tell of victory over the enemy, of victory won for all, you and me. God is at work in these last times, and He wants to write your story.

Will you let Him?

What will your story be?